Wisdom Investors will BUY your note for Cash and Top Dollar

Steve Zobro, the owner of Wisdom Investor, has been purchasing owner financed notes since the 1990s, and has successfully created millions of dollars’ worth of real estate notes for his own portfolio.  In the early 2000s, he even bought and sold over 400 acres of land in Pinal County, Arizona.

Steve has partnered with the largest company in the United States that purchases seller financed notes, and in the late 1990s, he had a million-dollar line of credit with this company.  In 2016, this company had purchased 1,197 owner financed notes, spending about 86.8 million dollars, and putting it in the pockets of sellers like you.

Steve is also the founder of Flowing Waters Ministry, founded on May 19th, 2011, and has created over 80 wells in Africa, while blessing over 36,000 Africans with fresh, clean water.  For more information, visit his web site at www.flowingwaters.info.

Steve operates under the Christian principle; with Jesus, all things are possible!  He does his best to find an investment for each client that he works with.  He strives to make each experience an overall win for his clients, and negotiates diligently to get them top dollar for their note.  So be wise, and give Steve Zobro a call at Wisdom Investors about your first lien, performing note today!